Orphans Center

New Light Christian Ministries the organization Orphans center have been serve our little time to help the street, orphan and poor children (boy and girls). When their was no hope for them to walk with the world without their parent's, We have been serving them in different ways for example by giving them school education, food, clothing, medical care and also fulfilling their all desire and wishes as possible. And this all is been done by our follow friends donating donations for this orphan childcare's.

The ministry is still in progress and looking forward for more follow friends to walk with us hands in hands to support the childcare's because in future these children need higher studies.

Our primary motto is to build spiritual learning and brother hood among the boarders, and we have been successful a bit in doing this.

In  the beginning  we have started with 10 children in our home with our oun resources and now with the blessing of God we  have been successful rose our strength unto 200 children with in 5 branches. By the Glory of Lord Jesus it is been developing day by day.

Out of 5 branches , 2 branches are our own buildings and the rest  one's are taking by rent.  We are working hard to build the permanent building we are praying to God everyday to help us in this work.

More and more parent less and poor children are been admitted in our institution because it is running through any profit making, but now due to more strength we are a bit tense because we do not have much resources to run through this institution, we require more children but along this we need your help also  your courage also that we educate more and more youngster and this is only possible when you my friends will be the part of our ministry and will help our children by giving some donation and encourage them to  progress day by day in their life and obtain their aim and goals.

Please pray for us. Thanks You